1981 TE Holden Gemini 1600cc Turbo


C - 2720cc

Year started in Improved Production


Why This Car?

I had a discussion with a workmate about racing in IP with the intention of building my old daily. He offered me his old Gemini IP car that had been sitting in the shed for the last 5 years. Here I am !

Moment most proud of?

Round 4 2014, last race in the dark and I finally plucked up the courage and speed to make my first ever racing pass, in the dark......on the last lap.....of the last race

Moment least proud of?

After my proudest moment I thought I still had another lap to go and pushed too hard trying to hold him behind me and fell off with 200m to go to finish!

Best thing about racing Improved Production?

The range of cars, always something different to see